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How It Works:

Before taking out a payday loan, it's important that you understand exactly how it works and what it means for you. You should also decide whether or not a payday loan is the best decision for you, and learn how to apply for one and get the money into your bank.

Is a payday loan the best option?

Payday loans are the perfect option if you need some emergency cash in your bank account within a very short space of time. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that you get the money within minutes of applying for the loan. Getting guaranteed payday loans can be very difficult, particularly if you have bad credit.

Fortunately, our payday loans can be borrowed even by people who have bad credit scores. If you have been unfortunate enough to get a bad credit rating, you can still get a payday loan. With poor credit, you don't stand much chance of getting a credit card, bank loan or even a higher overdraft limit. This makes it very difficult to get quick cash if you have bad credit, but luckily for you, our payday loans are available.

Perhaps you're going to struggle to pay the bills comfortably this month, or maybe your car urgently needs to be fixed before your next payday. Whatever your reasons for needing some quick money, you can take out a payday loan without any hassle.

However, payday loans aren't the best option if you need a large amount of money or you need some money to loan over the long-term. Payday loans are generally short-term solutions and are very helpful to people with bad credit.

What do we need from you for the application?

To order to apply, all we need from you is your bank account details, proof that you're at least 18 years old and that you have a stable source of income coming from somewhere. You can do all this by filling out our simple online form there is no faxing involved.

We need your bank account details so that there is somewhere to deposit the money when it's ready for you, and we need to know that you can pay back the loan when the time comes.

How the process works

The first step is carried out by you, the borrower. You can apply through the website by going to the online form and filling it out. Once you've completed the loan, we will receive it at the other end and check it to make sure everything is okay.

We will check your application and make sure that you are old enough to take out a loan and that you have a bank account where we can send the money for you. We will also make sure that you have a source of income and the means to pay back the money when it is due.

The screening process normally takes just a few minutes, so you don't have to worry about waiting days for the money to come through. Once everything has been verified, we'll deposit the money into your bank account. Before doing this, we'll send you the terms and conditions of your contract so that you can agree and we can go ahead with the process.

When the money has been deposited into your account, you will then have immediate access to the money and can spend it on whatever you need. While it's recommended that you spend the money on things that you need rather than on small luxuries and things that you could do without, it is entirely up to you what you choose to spend the money on.

Upon receiving your next pay check, you will need to pay the money back to us. If you don't need to spend all the loan, it's advisable that you pay it back rather than spending it simply because you have it there available to you. You can then use any excess money and the cash from your pay check to pay back the loan.

Getting more than one loan

Since most payday loans are not any higher than $1000, you might need to borrow more money than this. However, it is difficult, and not always possible, to get more than one payday loan within the same month. It can also put you in a worse financial situation than you were in before you took out the loans.

However, you can choose to get a loan the next month if you need one. Some people get a payday loan every single month, perhaps because their payday comes at a bad time or they like to have the flexibility and freedom which comes with having some spare cash.

The easiest type of loan!

Payday loans are the easiest type of loans that you can get. Our guaranteed payday loans are quick approved and deposited into your bank account within minutes.

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